Surrogacy is a process by which a woman carries a pregnancy for another woman or couple. It may be conducted either because a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy for medical reasons, or for a same sex couple.

At Genea, only gestational surrogacy is available. This means that the surrogate cannot conceive using her own eggs, the eggs used for the pregnancy must be from the future either parent or from an egg donor.

There are many legal, medical, financial and emotional issues to contemplate when considering surrogacy. The general requirements in Australia are that:

  • All involved parties undergo counselling and assessment prior to treatment
  • Have a documented legal agreement from two independent lawyers (one lawyer acting on behalf of the intending parents, the other acting on behalf of the surrogate)
  • A court process is undertaken whereby the parentage of the child is transferred from the surrogate to the intended parents after birth
  • All surrogates must be acting altruistically, commercial surrogacy in which the surrogate receives financial renumeration for acting as a surrogate is not permitted (although reasonable expenses associated with the process can be reimbursed)
  • The surrogacy is for medical reasons, the intended female parent must be unable to carry the pregnancy herself

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