First Visit page

Welcome. I realise that seeing a specialist about fertility issues can be confronting but let me try to reassure you that it need not be. Often the most overwhelming step is actually scheduling your first appointment. If you are contemplating taking this step, it may be reassuring to know what is likely to happen at your first visit.

When you initially phone or email ( you will be making contact with my lovely PA Dani. She’ll schedule you in for an appointment and email you to confirm the appointment. She’ll provide you with an form to fill in so that we can collect your basic information. She will also ask you about whether you have had any investigations done by your GP. It isn’t essential for you to have any investigations done prior to coming to see me, however it does speed up the process if you have had the required tests done. Your GP might like to use the link to Referring Practitioners to double check that they have ordered all of the required blood tests.