Same Sex Couples

A number of fertility options are available for same sex couples.

For female couples, the option of conceiving through the use of donor sperm is available. Donor sperm may be obtained from a known donor (friend or non-biologically related family member) or sourced from a sperm bank. Conception may occur through intra-uterine insemination (IUI) or by utilizing IVF. The first step in the process is to arrange a consultation with me so I can conduct a full evaluation of your fertility and we can discuss the most appropriate method of conception.

Male couples will require the use of a surrogate and an egg donor in order to conceive. Commercial surrogacy, in which the surrogate is paid to carry the pregnancy, is not permitted in Australia. Only gestational surrogacy, in which the surrogates own eggs are not used, can be facilitated through IVF Australia (the eggs used must donated by another woman).

Pregnancy using donated gametes (sperm, eggs, embryos) and surrogacy are complex and require several steps to be taken prior to conception to ensure that all parties involved make an informed decision and understand their legal rights and obligations. Counselling is essential.

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