Should I freeze my eggs?

This is an individual decision, for many women it’s a great option.

It has been well established that egg quality and quantity decreases with age. Women’s bodies are designed to have babies at a relatively young age, in an ideal world this would be in a woman’s 20s or maybe early 30s. But life doesn’t necessarily work out to facilitate this, and this is where egg freezing can be beneficial as frozen eggs are effectively frozen in time. In other words, good quality eggs frozen at a young age remain as good quality young eggs whilst the eggs remaining in your ovaries continue to age.

Lots of women are freezing eggs. Some women are building up their careers and want to make sure they are financially secure before they consider having a baby. Some women want to travel before they commit to raising a child. Sometimes Mr Right hasn’t turned up or the partner you thought you would have children with has turned out to be not quite the right one. It may surprise you to know that even women in long-term committed relationships are freezing eggs as they aren’t ready to have a baby just yet.

Elective egg freezing is also an option for women with a genetic condition that predisposes them to developing cancer or undergoing menopause at a young age, as well as for transgender patients that are transitioning from female to male.

Whilst it must be stressed that egg freezing is not a guarantee of having a baby in the future, freezing your eggs can greatly increase your chances of a future pregnancy. I suggest that if you’re not sure, you make an appointment to see me so we can discuss your individual situation and whether egg freezing is the right option for you.

When should I freeze my eggs?

You will never have more eggs, or better quality eggs, than you do right now. It has been well established that egg quality and quantity decreases with age, so the longer you leave it, the less eggs will be obtained in a cycle of egg freezing, and the poorer quality each of those eggs is going to. So the short answer is, the sooner the better.

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