Cost of Egg Freezing

Appointment with GP


Request the following:

  • Referral to Dr Rachael Rodgers for a fertility assessment
  • Form to have blood tests conducted prior to your consultation with Dr Rodgers. These tests should include:
    • Routine serology (hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, syphilis)
    • Full blood count (FBC)
    • Anti-mullerian hormone level (AMH)
    • Any other tests that your GP thinks are important for your individual situation
  • Form for a pelvic ultrasound with an antral follicle count (AFC) – ideally arrange to have this done at a specialist women’s ultrasound practice such as Ultrasound Care or Sydney Ultrasound for Women

Consultation and fertility assessment with Dr Rachael Rodgers

$319.95 *


*$395 payable at the time of consultation, $75.05 Medicare rebate with GP referral

  • This is a consultation with Dr Rachael Rodgers, fertility specialist, to discuss your individual situation and assess whether egg freezing is a suitable option for you
  • Bring with you the results of investigations (blood tests and ultrasound report)
  • We will discuss your ovarian reserve, the number of eggs you are likely to obtain from one cycle of egg freezing and the number of eggs that would be required to give you a good chance of a future pregnancy using your frozen eggs

Egg Freezing Cycle



  • *Includes nursing consultation at Genea Horizon, all monitoring visits for blood tests and ultrasounds, the egg retrieval procedure in the Genea day surgery and freezing of your eggs
  • *Does NOT include medications, which cost approximately $1,500 or the anaesthetist fee of approximately $600
  • If you choose to do additional cycles of egg freezing, the overall cycle cost of $6,363 decreases to $5,764; other costs such as medication and anaesthetic fee are additional
  • If you are shopping around to find the cheapest price for egg freezing, make sure the price you are quoted includes all associated costs including the day surgery fee and cost of medications


$46.20* per month

  • First six months of storage is free
  • Your eggs will be stored at Genea until you’re ready to use them
  • *Billed by Genea, storage fee correct as at 2/9/2019

* Prices correct as at 12/1/2023. Please confirm egg freezing costs and storage costs with Genea prior to commencing your cycle.

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